25 Jun 2018


25 Jun 2018

June 2018: In the sixth episode of a series of short and powerful films created for America’s Navy, CLICKON Studios, working in partnership with Y&R Memphis, brings you the fascinating story of Jamison Ware, a courageous Navy AIRR and life preserver whose sheer desire to help others has become second nature.

The aim of the US Navy’s latest recruitment campaign is to shift focus from technology to real and raw stories of our men and women in uniform – inside their real environments.

“We are inviting the viewer into an intimate and personal connection with our sailors every month. For decades, we’ve seen ships, jets and advanced technology, but for the first time ever, we’re seeing the faces who know the real meaning of Navy life,” said CLICKON Studios’ Creative Director Benjamin Potter.

Faces of the Fleet, the name of this documentary series, is part of Y&R’s “Forged By The Sea” campaign. The US Navy has a global reputation as a formidable powerhouse, but for the first time, the “Faces of the Fleet” series shares the experiences, background and reality of the everyday people behind the uniform. Each episode provides a glimpse underneath the mighty armour to discover heroic acts of bravery, extraordinary kindness and individuals with an unwavering determination to serve others.

With the objective of inspiring men and women across the country to consider a career in the US Navy, CLICKON and Y&R worked hard to ensure each film uncovered raw emotional experiences whilst capturing the essence of daily life, connecting with viewers in a memorable way.

In this latest episode, we meet Jamison Ware, an enigmatic Air Rescue Swimmer stationed in San Diego. The film follows Jamison’s heroic work as he pulls people from the ocean in a job that demands total physical and mental commitment. The motto of the AIRRs is “So Others May Live”, and Jamison is carrying this into other aspects of his personal life. On Saturdays, he teaches literacy to underprivileged kids, while his Monday evenings are spent feeding San Diego’s homeless population.

“It’s not just a job, it’s a lifestyle. It’s who I am,” remarks Jamison at one point in the film.


CLICKON Media CEO, Richard Wilson comments “Creative content lies at the heart of who we are. One of our fundamental principles when working with clients is to make an emotional connection with their target audience. We continue to lead from the front when it comes to story-based messaging, using a blend of content creation and data analysis for maximum impact”.

CLICKON Studios, the content division of CLICKON Media, is no stranger to making impactful documentary content for its clients. Led by a fearless group of young filmmakers, CLICKON Studios is powering content for brands such as Red Bull, Special Olympics, Adidas and Cleveland Golf.

We know that making connections using emotional messaging is essential when seeking to build relationships. We created real-life content for real-life people, harnessing the power of human stories to promote engagement,” added Mr Wilson.  

View the trailer for Jamison Ware here. For the full story please visit The Versed.



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