09 Jul 2018


09 Jul 2018

June, 2018: CLICKON Media was invited to Royal FEST where the best freestyle mountain bikers expressed their style in the most unique and creative way.

FEST series has been running for five years and has already gained 50 million impressions through video and photo content. The series was founded by seven free riders and is unique as the riders design the jumps themselves in order for the trails to be suited exactly to their needs.

Adolf Silva performs a trick at Royal FEST.

This year FEST was back at the Royal Hills Experience, Saint-Antonin-de-Lacalm, France, where The Versed caught up with Sam Reynolds, a rider who helped create the series. Sam’s greatest work has included the Best Trick award in the 2015 Red Bull Rampage as well as recently being part of the Ralph Lauren RED SERIES.

Sam alluded to the most enjoyable part about FEST series was the riders creating the trails meaning they can maximise and best prepare for how to approach a jump; as well as the general community amongst the riders at the event:

“These days we don’t just rush into them, we spend a lot of time building the jumps and then tweaking them to exactly what we want. So, by the time it gets to riding them, we know exactly how to approach the jumps; we know what will work, and what won’t work.”

In a beautiful setting in the south of France, Royal FEST has become one of the most popular mountain biking events and only looks set to continue to grow with the announcement that it will be expanding into motocross.

The 50 hectares of space at the Royal Hills experience made for the perfect venue for Royal FEST, as we enjoyed a great weekend watching the best mountain free riders in action.

Sam Reynolds at Royal FEST.



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