13 Jun 2018


13 Jun 2018

CLICKON Media were invited to the biggest Skateboarding competition in the world.

On the 26th-27th of May 2018, CLICKON Media attended the Street League Skateboarding contest in London, the world’s premier skateboarding competition where the best in the sport compete for the chance to be crowned SLS champion.

It was the first time London has hosted the event – which since its creation in 2010 has been held in Barcelona, Chicago, LA, Vegas, and Munich among many others – in a big coup for England’s capital that could go some way to inspire the next generation of British skateboarders.

The event really galvanised the skateboarding community in London and Britain as a whole, including British skateboarding legend himself, Geoff Rowley. He said of the event,  “British skateboarding has held some incredible contests in the past that have gone on to grow and shape the skate scene in Europe – and worldwide. It’s great to see the city of London embracing that rich culture by bringing SLS to the city.”

Last year, SLS was won by Nyjah Huston as he claimed his fourth title, the most SLS wins of any one skateboarder. Nyjah broke onto the scene as a kid with Element skateboards, and become known for his fearless style and hitting enormous handrails without hesitation. Now, he’s a true pro of the competitive skating game.

But, with Nijah out injured this year, the door was left open for other competitors to take a shot at greatness. Enter Phil Zwijsen, the Belgian street skater entering his first SLS at the age of 32. Phil is a well respected professional skateboarder who approaches his street skating with a truly original and quirky creativeness.

The Versed caught up with Phil at the SLS in London to see how he felt about competing in the world’s biggest skating competition. “It’s a good opportunity for me to come here so, just to be in this event like, a lot of people really want to be in this contest you know and I thought it would be cool for me to try”.

Phil used to be an air conditioning technician, but now he’s paid to skateboard. “The last few years have been pretty crazy actually. I don’t work. I mean, it’s my job so it’s pretty crazy. Sometimes when there are injuries and all this stuff I don’t think you really have that in a normal job, so, that kind of sucks.” But, he says “I travel the whole world you know, just skating, getting paid for it. It’s amazing”.

Catch Phil in action at the competition here

Phil Zwijsen



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