24 Apr 2018


24 Apr 2018


APRIL 2018, London: CLICKON Media today announces a new brand identity that reflects the game-changing ethos of this dynamic storytelling business and their commercial offerings.

The Soho agency was founded in 2014 and with an impressive portfolio of clients, including Acer, Adidas and Redbull, they have seen year on year growth and gained a formidable reputation based on valued partnerships and impressive results.

Prompted by the changing media landscape and multiple consumer needs, CLICKON stepped away from convention and looked at how empowering brands and encouraging them to be culturally aware and relevant could lead to more meaningful, long-term relationships.

By bringing together the creative, data and audience elements of marketing, which have previously been dealt with in isolation, CLICKON formed a new ‘one stop shop’ for clients and it is this development that prompted the rebrand.

Creative Director, Benjamin Potter, said, “Our team focus on mastering human story-telling across all channels and we know that in an age where consumers have more choice than ever, the brands that build emotional connections are the ones that will succeed. The CLICKON rebrand is proof that we not only have a story to tell but that we lead from the front and practise what we preach.”

The striking new look carries over the original bold, monochrome palate but the addition of subtle unzipping element represents the fusion of creative story-based content and data fuelled research and the direction of the business.

CEO, Richard Wilson, commented, “We felt that as storytellers for, and alongside brands, having our own unique and understandable story was paramount. Our USP is that we see a future where we can use our expertise in content creation and data analysis to help brands become their own content houses and own their own audience relationships as part of a wider media mix’

He added, “It is more important than ever for brands to demonstrate cultural relevance and why they matter to consumers when it comes to their daily purchasing decisions and lives. Those that chose to ignore the importance of being relevant, risk obsolescence and this is what we want to prevent for our clients and ourselves.”

The CLICKON Convergence. (The joining together of storytelling with performance marketing)

The new CLICKON branding. Out with the old ‘retro’ look and in with clean, bold lines and the ‘zipping up’ feature representing the future of digital advertising.


Notes to Editors

CLICKON are content creators and performance marketers. Storytellers and growth hackers. CLICKON create groundbreaking branded content that delivers results and reaches target audiences with specific, measurable outcomes. Utilising a joined-up approach, CLICKON delivers fast, agile video campaigns with performance backed delivery across a range of audience channels.

Our in-house divisions, Studios, Social LABS and Digital Networks foster unrivalled speed of delivery and reporting efficiencies for clients who need to respond faster in the digital era. Our own channels ensure we are at the cutting edge of audience behaviour and trends when consulting and advising with clients. With offices across London, New York and Los Angeles, CLICKON is the missing link for partners looking to scale digital marketing with tangible, visible results.

Our new way of thinking has delivered successful partnerships with brands including RedBull, Adidas, Y&R, Americas Navy, Acer, General Tires & Microsoft.

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